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Trading Licks Demo Videos

Check-out a few demo videos for each of the Trading Licks Packs...remember there are more Trading Licks sessions per pack than shown here...(10 - 12 per pack) The demo's show me playing both parts...

but in the packs you'll be jamming along with me in these video sessions...

playing your lines and licks in the 2 or 4 bar spaces I leave for you.


Pack 1

Pack 2

'Trading Licks 1 - 'Watchmen' - A Minor Pentatonic

'Trading Licks 1 - 'Helium Cloud' - D Minor 


'Trading Licks 2- 'A Mixo' - A Dominant

'Trading Licks 2 - 'Sour Mash Blues' - D Dominant

'Trading Licks 3 - 'A R&B Groove' - A Major

Pack 3

'Trading Licks 3 - ' Panacea' - D Major 

Pack 4

'Trading Licks 1 - 'Blood Moon' - E Minor

'Trading Licks 2 - ' Driftwood Blues' - E Dominant

'Trading Licks 3 - ''Sky Glider' - E Major

'Trading Licks 1 - 'Majestic 7' - C Major

'Trading Licks 2 - '  Funkee Blues' - C Dominant

'Trading Licks 3 - 'Domino Shuffle' - C Phrygian Minor

I give you scale suggestions for each can use those or mix and match my suggestions based on your level and ability...and if you only know one scale shape...

You can use that for every track and pack in the Trading Licks series!

Everyone is welcome to the jam...Beginner, Intermediate and Pro!

This program works at your level now...and grows with you! 

What a great way to practice existing lines, develop new licks and phrasing, or just blow-off steam...

Player 1...are you ready to rock?!

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