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Pentatonic Protocols are a series of unique soloing strategies for any guitar player, regardless of musical style. These intentional, defined approaches can be applied to all five Pentatonic scale shapes. You'll improve exponentially and develop melodic progression simply by following these easy to master protocols using your own licks. You will be sent a download link from me personally.


Pentatonic Protocols 1

is the first in a five-part series of Soloing Strategies that will change the way you improvise forever.

In this first video series you'll be given a series of soloing strategies for all five Minor Pentatonic Scale shapes. If you only know one or two shapes, that's fine...there's a ton of protocols here for you. If you want to start combining patterns. ... this course will inspire you to add those ... because it sounds so cool when you do. I've combined shapes for longer linear lines that still follow the protocol. These protocols should keep you busy for a while. so learn the chord progression , the overdub part and then start creating your solo's using this exciting new method for musical improvisation.


Pentatonic Protocols 2

will be available soon, and will feature a killer B minor shuffle groove and my favorite of all the protocol approaches. Definitely not to be missed.


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