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Robbie makes modes easy to understand and apply. Within minutes of starting this course you'll be soloing over killer backing tracks, targeting the tonal center and nailing the characteristic note of each mode using just one Major Scale shape.


A clear, concise and musical course on how to apply all 7 Major Scale modes. You'll learn how the resolution point of a chord progression determines the Tonal Center and therefore, which mode to use. You'll learn how to phrase towards that Tonal Center and how to target the 'Characteristic Note' to evoke the unique flavor of each modality.


  • 8 Video Lessons - 7 Studio Quality Backing Tracks - Tab & Notation Of The 7 Solos
  • Chord/Scale/Arpeggio Diagrams
  • A Quick-Start Guide - Harmony & Theory Text


SKU: 0004
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