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Blues & Rock - Tones and Tracks - These premium tones are perfect for solid rock rhythms, arpeggiated lines and solo's. The low, medium and Hi crunch patches are perfect for most rock tunes using the bridge pickup. Switch over to the neck pickup and you have the smoothest tones for Blues leads. I've also dialed in some wicked soaring Rock lead guitar tones that just sit in the mix perfectly. 


I've optimized these patches to work live, in the studio or just for jamming.This is the ultimate starting point to customize each patch to your own personal preferences without sacrificing the signal chain that works for every situation. No weird or over-processed nonsense here, just straight-up, ready to rock sounds for your Helix.


I've included 5 studio quality jam tracks that you can play over while dialing in your custom set-up. Rock onwards and upwards.


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